Blueprint to Success

As individuals we remember many important dates in our history, but for VFW Auxiliary members, we need to remember July 27, 1931.  That is the date the VFW Auxiliary, Department of Florida was formed to fulfill the objectives of supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Florida, serving veterans, service members their families, spreading patriotism, and so much more.

Every year for the past 91 years, we have been adding another chapter to the remarkable record of success and achievement.  While I have the privilege this year to be the Department President, it is the legacy of past leaders that have written such long and historic pages to our story.

We have been successful as a Department for many reasons, one of them being that we try to give the members the direction we are going and let each member along with the Auxiliary surprise us with their results.

One of my goals this year was to know when to lead and when to step back.  Our Department is a leader because we believe that what we want is possible. There are no obstacles that we can’t overcome because we embrace opportunities to improve upon them.

I look forward to the Department Convention to witness the awards we will be giving to some of the most amazing, dedicated, and caring Auxiliary members in this organization.

It has been a rewarding experience to see the incredible generosity of members in spreading the goals and objectives of the VFW Auxiliary.  Each of you, have a place in my heart.

I want to thank all the Department Officers, District Presidents, Auxiliary Presidents, and members for sharing this ONE chapter with me. My journey these past six years has been exhilarating, difficult, rewarding, gratifying and truly a blessing.  As Bob Hope said, “Thanks for the Memories”.

Tela Harbold
2021-2022 Department President