Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Thank-you all for working so hard for membership.  We have surpassed the Dec. 31st goal and are well on our way to becoming 100% by Mid-Winter Conference.  Remember that those annuals who have not renewed are no longer in good standing.  Reach out to them and offer assistance if they need it.

Speaking of Mid-Winter – We are doing all that we can to keep you safe at Mid-Winter and we ask that you follow the Hotel Guidelines and wear your mask at all times.  There is important information about OUR suggestions and what we will be doing differently posted under “Latest News”.

Don’t forget to get your Health & Happiness paid as well as your Hospital Pledge and Disaster Relief – these are all part of the Auxiliary Circle of Champions criteria.  I would love for everyone to make it into the Circle this year.

I urge you to reach out to me if your auxiliary needs assistance in anyway and I and my wonderful team of Officers will respond as quickly as possible.

The “Owl Bucks” incentive program is doing well.  To date I have sent out over 1075!  Have you gotten yours? Go in and Brag on what you are doing!

Thank you!  For being part of our Team Florida.  “Teamwork DOES make the Dream Work”

 “Advice from an owl: stay focused, be whoo you are, trust in a wise friend, live off the land, glide through the dark times, be observant, because life’s a hoot!  “  

With Love and Loyalty
Debbie Tilley
2020-2021 President
VFW Department of Florida Auxiliary