As promised, the new website is now “up and running”.  The new website address is:  www.vfwauxfl.org.

 Please keep in mind that this is a “work in progress”.  So for now, this is what you need to know as many of the features are not yet functional:

  • Under Programs – all of the Program Pages for 2022-2023 as well as the first promotions have been uploaded
  • Under News – Latest News – You will see the flyer for School of Instruction/Boot Camp as well as other pertinent information
  • The new National Resources are NOT yet available so this is something we will be updating as soon as they become available.
  • Reporting is NOT yet live – you will need to watch the website for further details.

Have questions, please feel free to email:  leemvfw@comcast.net.  Thanks for your cooperation and patience!