Dear Members

MEMBERSHIP!!   There are not enough adjectives that I can use to express my feelings of gratitude for all of your hard work.  As I write this we are currently at 100.08% with more members coming in.  Our Veterans and Organization will reap the benefits of your hard efforts; keeping us strong to fight for our Veterans rights in Washington!  Please mentor these new and retained members.  Work with them so that we can continue to be a positive influence on all members.  Mentoring them will prepare them for a vital role in your Auxiliary, District and Department.

April nominations and election of Auxiliary Officers is right around the corner.  Start now, look to see who would be good for your Auxiliary.  Remember fresh and new ideas are NOT a bad thing.  Change can be good!

All Health and Happiness contributions have been paid – Great Job!  We have a few Auxiliaries who still need to make their Hospital Pledge and Disaster Relief Contributions as well as do reports for Americanism, Veterans & Family Support and Hospital.  Remember these are all part of the Auxiliary Circle of Champions criteria.  I would love for everyone to make it into the Circle this year.

I urge you to reach out to me if your Auxiliary needs assistance in anyway and I and my wonderful team of Officers will respond as quickly as possible.

The “Owl Bucks” incentive program is doing well. Have you received yours? Go in and Brag on what you are doing!  Remember: One lucky Auxiliary will win $500 at June Convention, but you can’t be in the drawing if you don’t REPORT! (brag) on yourselves.

Thank you!  For being part of our Team Florida.  “Teamwork DOES make the Dream Work”

Advice from an owl:  Observe and reflect, and become a little wiser every day.

With Love and Loyalty
Debbie Tilley
2020-2021 President
VFW Department of Florida Auxiliary