Whoo??  Whoo??  Made it through the first full month of our new year.. WE DID!!! As a team we have overcome so many problems and I thank-you for all that you are doing to move forward.  Congratulations to Spectre Auxiliary  11367 in District 1 for winning the $50 in the Bond drawing.

Congratulations to all that have assumed office for 2020-2021. I hope you have an amazing year and accomplish great things.  Now the big tasks begin!  We had a wonderful School of Inspiration and I thank all that were able to attend in person or on Zoom.  We did have over 100 members watch on Zoom.  So we have made the decision to continue this for our other meetings.  I hope that the information will filter down into our Auxiliaries to make you all even more successful than before.

Your Department Line Officers will be showing up at your District meetings to show our support of our hard working members and to help if needed. Please do not hesitate to talk with them, express concerns and ask questions.  They will then relay to me and we as a TEAM will do our best to assist you.

Together let’s work to send those dues notices out to our Annual members, Retention is a big part of our membership program this year.  We need to work harder to keep those we have brought in while recruiting new members to help us work our programs. Department Membership goal at Fall Conference is 85% or better!

I have introduced the “Owl Buck” incentive program this year.  When your Auxiliary submits one good report your Auxiliary will get one entry to win at least $100 at the June 2021 Convention.  You have 13 programs so that would be 13 entries.  Let’s see how well we can do.  Hopefully you will start an album to show your accomplishments as part of the Historian Program.

Fall Conference will be here before we know it.  Oct. 23 – 25th and hopefully this pandemic will be winding down and more will be able to attend

Thank you! Thank you for sharing your time, talents, money and dedication to the Auxiliary and all that the organization represents.

Thank you!  For being part of our Team Florida.  “Teamwork DOES make the Dream Work”

With Love and Loyalty
Debbie Tilley
2020-2021 President
VFW Department of Florida Auxiliary