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The May Sunshine e-Newsletter is now posted – take a look and see what is happening around the Department.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – JUNE CONVENTION – The hotel is filling up very quickly for the State Convention. There is not an over flow hotel. Get your reservation in now if you plan to attend.  Also please only book the number of rooms you will actually need so that we do not have a bunch of cancellations at the last min and others cannot get a room.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REPORTING WEBSITE:  A reminder that effective April 16, 2022, you will not have any access to the Department Reporting website.  Due to circumstances beyond our control this year, Auxiliaries will have NO access to the site after April 15th until the site is brought back up in July.

AUXILIARY ELECTIONS!  We are not sure where the misinformation is coming from, however, in accordance with the National Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 804A – Elective Officers shall be nominated and elected at a regular business meeting in April!  We are NOT the VFW – we do not nominate at one meeting and elect at the next and no where in the Bylaws does it state that elections are held in May.

The March mailout is now posted under the Monthly Promotions.  This is an important packet as it contains Department Convention information, Department Delegate Instructions and Form, National Delegate Form as well as the 2022-2023 Installation Report.    Auxiliary Secretaries please note that the delegates for National Convention can be entered directly into MALTA.  The cannot be entered before April 1st and if they are not entered into MALTA or received by National by May 31st, your Auxiliary will have no vote at the National Convention.   With regard to the Installation Report, again this can be input directly into MALTA by the current Auxiliary/District Secretary.  If you are unable to enter either the National Delegates or Installation Report into MALTA yourself, PLEASE DO NOT SEND IT TO NATIONAL!   Instead at the request of VFW Auxiliary National HQ, please send the forms directly to me, Leona McDermott, Department Secretary, and I will take care of entering the information for you.  

The 2022 VFW National Convention Housing Form is now posted under Latest News and Department Forms.  Florida has been assigned to the Lowes Hotel.  You must either complete the form, make the reservation on line with the link provided on the form or call the number on the form to make your reservations.

The fillable shirt order form for the Department President in 2022-2023 is now available under Latest News which includes a picture of what the shirt will look like.

The Department is in need of VAVS Representative/Deputies for the following VA Medical Centers:  Lake City.  If you are interested in becoming a VAVS Representative or Deputy, please contact Department President Tela Harbold as soon as possible.