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Mid-Winter Conference – Department President, Debbie Tilley has requested that members wear the blue official uniform look shirt/blouse and black slacks/skirt for the meetings. 

There will be a Zoom webinar for our Friday Council of Administration Meeting and Opening of Mid-Winter.   The Webinar ID is:  812 8734 6282  and the Passcode is:  370799.  For the Saturday session, the Webinar ID is:  876 4296 7570 and the Passcode is: 492784.  You will be able to see and hear everything that is going on, however, you will not be able to be seen or heard.  There will be a chat box available for you to ask any question you might have.  Please DO NOT share this information on Social Media.

 January promotions are now posted under Monthly Promotions.  Also, you can find the individual promotions posted under each.

Reminder: We will elect a new 3 year Board members for VFW Veterans Village in June, 2021.  If you are interested in running for this position, please let us know so that information can be added to the Candidates’ corner.

Important:  Please see Executive Order #1 from National President Sandi Onstwedder posted under Latest News for information regarding quorums at Auxiliary meetings.  If any auxiliary is not able to hold an in-person meeting with a quorum, you need to contact Department President Debbie Tilley for written permission to establish a quorum virtually. .

National is receiving many checks that are made out incorrectly or being sent to the wrong individuals for program donations.   Please check out the Donation Cheat Sheet now posted under Latest News which will help you determine how to make out your check and where to send it.

Need to order Buddy Poppies?  The form can now be found under Department Forms or Buddy Poppy/VFW National Home Resources.  Also, you can now download a picture of our Department President under Department Forms.